What do we do?

  Communications goes beyond selling phone services and phone systems. We work like an extension of your business to help you see the big picture and help you make decisions strategically, supporting your business goals now and in the future. We expertly manage your vendors, assets, technology and financials, while supporting end-users with world-class service. We save you money, spare you aggravation, solve problems, and look out for your interests. Plus we never ask for paid time off!

  • Solving problems

    We are trained and experienced with solving problems with telephone and Internet services, whether the problem requires working with your current provider, moving to a new provider, or resolving a problem with customer premise equipment.
  • Saving time

    We provide you with a single point of contact for obtaining new service providers, equipment, cabling, and repairs. We offer solutions from more than 40 service providers. We sell, install and service Samsung, NEC, and multiple hosted PBX solutions. We provide free estimates for the installation and repair of telephone and network cabling.
  • Saving Money

    We save you money by making the most of every dollar you spend on communications, data, and Internet services. Getting the lowest price available on a service is important, but we don’t always recommend the cheapest service or provider. How much does your company lose if your telephone service or Internet service is down for 3.65 days? That’s the annual downtime for a service with 99% uptime. There’s a reason why major providers do not publish their average downtime. We review your current services, contracts, phone equipment, networking needs, future needs and budget. Then, we will search out solutions to maximize your productivity, minimize downtime, and reduce unnecessary expenses.

What makes us different?

Unlike sales reps that work directly for service providers, we do not have quotas and are not tied to any one service or provider. We receive frequent and in-depth training directly from multiple providers that allow us to stay on top of the best solutions. Our recommendations are based completely on your needs, not on just what one carrier has to sell you.

Are you happy with your current Internet and phone services?

So were many of the other 2,000 businesses that our local team has assisted in finding better solutions. We do not set out to sell your business anything, but in almost every case we can find a way to cut expenses and improve your services—even if you stay with your current carrier.

How much do we charge?

Initial consultations are free! We also provide free ongoing account support after any sale, including a follow-up evaluation before your contract expires.

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