Working with Ally Communications makes switching your phone technology easy!

What Is A Hosted PBX?

A Hosted PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a technology that provides small and medium-size businesses and organizations with a sophisticated and cost-effective telephone system. A hosted PBX eliminates the need for a physical phone system while still making internal and external telephone functions available.

"Can You Hear Me Now?"

Switch to hosted PBX to avoid ever hearing that phrase again!

How It Works?

Cloud-based hosted PBX solutions by Ally Communications provides you the facility to plug in your IP desk phones and computers with your internet connection. You no longer have to pay for a landline or have fuzzy sound. We can install the mobile application of our service partner, RingCentral, on to the smartphones of your employees. These endpoints will now start communicating with our cloud platform and offer our clients with completely secured voice calls, fax services, text messaging, audio conferencing, and online meetings. Secure calling ensures complete privacy as well as many other benefits.

With RingCentral as our service partner, Ally Communications offers you the convenience of managing your complete hosted PBX solution from your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. This is a fully integrated solution, which is manageable through the Cloud and makes things easier for you. Our service partner will provide you with expert advice to ensure that this transition is carried in the smoothest manner including attending to all the other business sites and remote workers.

Provided to you with the complete set of features at a competitive price, our hosted PBX solutions are specifically designed for your business needs. This includes telephone numbers, local and long-distance calling, call queues, auto-answer, conference calling, and much more! See how Ally Communications can change how you call, today!