Are you trying to make sense of all the government assistance being offered?  Most of us are scrambling to answer these questions:

  1. Am I eligible?
  2. What program is best for my business and why?
  3. What has to be paid back?
  4. Who do I contact to apply?
  5. What is this I hear about new unemployment and FMLA guidelines?

Start with this video:

CARES ACT (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security)

This is a great start to understanding PPP and ELDI, the main two assistance programs for covering business expenses.  Most businesses should qualify for $10k in what is essentially a grant provided directly by the SBA.  Find out more here.

Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP)

The best breakdown of the PPP is available on the US Treasury website.  Click here to view and download their summary.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act)

Help for your business and your staff impacted by Covid-19.  This is a must-read for all businesses:  Frequently Asked Questions

You must post this in your office ASAP


Resources for those who are working remotely:

Do you work for a Non-Profit?

Phone Service and Phone Systems

Do you have Ally Voice?  Working from home will be easy peasy.

  • Take your desk phone home – We just need to be sure we update your e911 address and possibly change a network setting remotely. Other requirements may include a power cord and a WiFi adapter.
  • Use our free mobile app –  You can make and receive calls just like your at the office – don’t start giving out your cell or providing it indirectly via caller ID!
  • Don’t want the app? – No problem.  You can still use your cell phone to receive calls and you’ll know when a call is work-related.  You or Ally can forward calls to your office and/or extension to your cell phone.  We have a feature that prevents calls from going to your personal cell phone voicemail.
  • Update your greetings and options –  We can do it for you or you can do it by recording the greeting on the portal via a microphone, uploading an audio file, recording it from your desk phone, or recording it from your cell phone.  Callers can press an option to ring one or more cell phones without the caller ever knowing the call is going to a cell phone.
  • Update your hours –  Many of you have adjusted your hours or even had to close.  You can use this guide to help you adjust your hours or feel free to contact us and we’ll do it for you!
  • Add SMS and MMS to your main number – For a limited time, we are providing a free upgrade that allows you to send and receive text messages on your business phone number.

Don’t have Ally Voice? Don’t let that stop you from getting help through this crisis!

  • Call and speak to Joel or set an appointment by clicking here.  He can make the best of any situation when it comes to phone service and phone systems
  • Forward your phone to your cell phone – For most providers, use your main phone line to dial *72 and then your cell number.  If it doesn’t work, we’ll be happy to help!  If you have issues, we will provide assistance free of charge. 
  • Need something more advanced?  We can set up a cloud-based phone system in minutes, and then forward your number to our system.  All monthly service charges will be waived through 5/31/2020 and no contract required

    My Home PC has Windows 7 or another even older operating system that has been warning me for years that I’m at risk

    1. Pay Microsoft $99 to upgrade to 10 and enjoy a slower and barely usable user experience
    2. Buy a new PC with Windows 10 from us and get 25% off the setup of Office 365, Sentinel One, Web Filtering, and Remote Desktop Software

    No A/V at home or using a “free” anti-virus

    1. Traditional anti-virus doesn’t cut it any more, but something is better than nothing.  Check out our blog on 5 attacks that will never be stopped by an anti-virus.
    2. Sentinel One is free for 90 days.  When it runs out, we can manage it for you or you can go back to something is better than nothing

    Video Conferencing

    1. Zoom always has a free version but now the 40-minute limit has been lifted.
    2. Purchase the full version of Zoom from Ally if you decide you can’t live without it
    3. Webcam options

    Collaboration and Chat

    1. Microsoft Essentials is FREE for 6 months.  OneDrive, Teams, and cloud Apps allow easy collaboration
      1. Buy from Ally or directly through Microsoft
      2. Free Teams training
    2. Let us manage your O365 solution and add critical security and backup solutions

    Remote Desktop and VPN’s (I need to connect to the network and my desktop at the office)

    1. Temporarily?  Commercially Licensed Remote Desktop free for 90 days through Ally Communications!
    2. Temporarily but you don’t want to talk to us?  Google has a free remote desktop plugin for Chrome
    3. Permanently on a managed business workstation?  A VPN might be the best bet
    4. Are you sure you need access to the network and your desktop?  Maybe you just need access to files and we can resolve that with Microsoft OneDrive.