Hospitality IT Pitfalls

Connectivity to the internet is an essential need of modern world businesses. When it comes to the hospitality industry, providing guests with seamless internet connectivity has now become an important part of your hospitality IT solutions. This is the reason that managed Wi-Fi services has become widely successful in the hospitality industry, however, it adds additional workload for the hospitality IT departments. Ally Communications provides the hospitality industry with Managed IT services to help take the burden off of managing internet connectivity and IT situations throughout the premises.


While working within the hospitality industry, we’ve found that many area hotels aren’t formatted correctly. This leads to:

  • Slow speed
  • Bad infrastructure management
  • Inconsistent availability

We've Found...

Local hotels are lacking Managed Wi-Fi – Are you one of them?

Managed Wi-Fi Services

In the case of unreliable internet connectivity, your guests can give bad reviews for your hotel just because they are unable to utilize their phones, tablets, and laptops efficiently. On the other hand, a reliable and high-speed internet connection will serve as a good word of mouth for your hotel.

Ally Communications has partnered with the hospitality industry’s experts to provide hospitality IT solutions for your managed Wi-Fi services. Choosing Ally Communications as your managed Wi-Fi service provider will free your hotel IT service providers to focus on your core business which will enhance your business’ productivity. Our managed Wi-Fi services include;

  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Business Wi-Fi
  • Structured Cabling
  • Internet Connectivity Throughout Your Property
  • IP Cameras

Ally Communications offers proper support around the clock to ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity and provides your hotel department with an account management portal for monitoring managed Wi-Fi services, day and night.