Protect Your Clients

Ally Communications has been providing law firms with the reliable connectivity solutions for maintaining the uptime of their law firm IT services. Along with seamless connectivity, data storage, and protection, there are other significant challenges faced by legal office IT departments.

  • Backup services
  • Internet redundancy
  • Cloud storage services

Therefore, with our seamless and high-speed internet connectivity services, Ally Communications will empower your law firm IT services to avoid any pitfalls with your internal IT. Our wireless backup service is offered at an extremely economical rate with additional add-ons to personalize your service specifically to your business’ needs. There has been a full-scale competition for rates of wireless and PBX solutions since Alabama is witnessing a rising trend of filing many law-related information online. By using Ally Communications as your provider, you will never have to worry about down connectivity or losing critical, sensitive data from your clients.

Filing Online?

Make sure your internet is always working so you can always file your cases!

Wireless Backup As Low As $20/Month

Legal IT solutions are now providing information over the internet about the active cases along with attorney tracking services allowing many to choose an attorney online as well as monitor the proceedings of a case. This demand for a reliable and high-speed internet connection is only getting more prevalent. Ally Communications has partnered with industry experts to offer backup internet, guest Wi-Fi for clients visiting your law firms’ offices, and cloud backup for important case information. Ally Communications handles the communication and connectivity needs of your law firm while legal office IT departments are provided with the freedom to maintain their focus towards the core business of law firms. In today’s online world, law firms require reliable internet connectivity, which is seamlessly offered by Ally Communications.