Non-Profit IT Solutions

At Ally Communications, we appreciate the good work our Non-Profit community organizations are doing for the community. We also understand that many Non-Profit organizations do not have the budget for a dedicated IT support. Therefore, we aim to provide services at a discount.  We offer a minimum discount of 10% and up to 50%, whenever possible. flat 10 % discount on all equipment and labor for Non-Profit IT services.

In addition to that, Ally Communications also offers a 50% discount on Ally Voice. Alabama is a close-knit community that depends on these organizations for many different avenues of community service. We work closely with many Non-Profits to ensure their IT and communications infrastructure is conducive to the fantastic work they are accomplishing.

Microsoft O365 is FREE to 501(c)3 organizations!

We even offer complimentary registration with Microsoft!

Complete IT Packages

Ally Communications has partnered with industry experts to deliver managed IT service for Non-Profit organizations. We ensure that every aspect of our Non-Profit IT services is as efficient as possible to help lighten their burden so they can focus on those that need them most. Our IT services for Non Profit organizations include;

  • Network management
  • Network security
  • Online backup
  • Data recovery in case of a disaster
  • Reliable internet connectivity
  • Around the clock technical support

At Ally Communications we fully understand that the requirement of Non-Profit IT services is as significant as in any other industry. Therefore, we intend to deliver a complete range of IT services for Non Profit organizations according to the industry standards at discounted rates.