Microsoft Solutions for Small Businesses

In order to deliver wide scale IT services to Alabama, Ally Communications has partnered with various solutions and services providers for optimum customer satisfaction. The following are the IT services, currently being provided by Ally Communications, specifically aimed for small businesses in Alabama:

Ally Communications have partnered with Microsoft to offer solutions, specifically “Office 365 Business Essentials,” since it empowers businesses to operate from anywhere by offering the most advanced tools and collaboration services. This allows you to store your work online and empowers you complete access and the ability to share it wherever and whenever you like.

Empower, Operate, and Collaborate

Get the right IT services to boost your company’s productivity!

Sophos, Carbonite, & Netgear

Sophos Firewall

To provide our clients with ultimate network security, Ally Communications has partnered with Sophos firewall. It provides your business with the much-needed security in order to provide your network with the protection against security breaches that may result in loss of finances, time, and reputation.

Carbonite Backup

Ally Communications has partnered with Carbonite backup services dedicated to the development of small businesses. We understand that your data is an important asset for any business and its protection is a necessity to the successful running of your business. We have partnered with Carbonite backup as it offers complete range of essential tools for data protection.


Ally Communications has partnered with NETGEAR to provide a complete range of networking, storage, and security solutions for small businesses. As one of the top providers of IT services in Alabama, our association with NETGEAR is intended to fulfill the requirements of small and medium sized business related with needs for secure sharing and connectivity of remote locations.