We work with the best businesses in technology to ensure you are taken care of from every angle.

A Proud Partner of AT&T

AT&T – As one of the leaders in communication, we are proud to partner with AT&T to offer our clients the best in voice, digital, and audio communications. With over 30-years of experience in the communications market, AT&T was one of the first businesses to welcome the advent of the mobile internet. Working hard for you, our partnership with AT&T is one of the reasons why many switch to Ally Communications.


Birch Communications – Birch offers nationwide connectivity for data and hosted phone systems directed toward the small and mid-sized businesses in America. We’ve found that working with Birch has given our clients the highest quality in service for internet and voice communications all across the country!


Comcast – Comcast, now Xfinity, is powered by advanced fiber network and provides businesses network solutions for a wide range of areas. Getting the fastest network for your dollar has never been easier than when you pair with Ally and Comcast.


Microsoft – Known for its computer systems, Microsoft is a great partner for Ally and our clients because of the wide variety of technology offerings they have. In addition to state-of-the-art computers, Microsoft has developed software that enables businesses, small and large, to work productively and proactively within the cloud and personal servers.


NEC – Enterprise solutions through NEC allows our clients to improve the way they do business all with the ability to customize their choices within their IT infrastructure and cloud management. The options we give our clients are always thought through, and we want to offer a wide array of successful, easily-deployable solutions that can be scaled up or down.


Netgear – Storage, network, and security solutions are all affordable when you work with Netgear. Many of their communication systems are developed for business owners that want to share access and ideas easily. We understand the need for a safe network to be able to collaborate successfully and that’s why we use Netgear with many of our clients.

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More Of Our Partners

OBi – Offering an easy way to get VoIP, OBi Talk gives our clients the ability to work with Google Voice and other smart calling options. Our clients are seeing how a digital phone system can help them lower costs and get better sound all with implementing one small change. How much can VoIP save you?

Polycom – When your meeting is over 200 miles away, how do you get there? It’s easy with Polycom! Helping organizations collaborate no matter where they are, Polycom has been an integral part in offering our clients a flexible environment for the easiest way to communicate. In addition to easy integration, travel the world with just a dial tone.

Spectrum – Known as Charter, Spectrum is another vendor we offer our clients for a full cable, internet, and voice integration. By working with many different types of industries, Spectrum Business helps our clients get what they need out of their communications all at a great price.

Verizon – Not just a cell phone provider, Verizon has broken into the business internet sector with wireless options for our many clients. Offering solutions for internet and voice, we are proud to partner with this well-known business to help our clients.

Yealink – Phone solutions developed for now and the future, Yealink is a welcome addition to our vendor list because this company offers an easy collaboration option for worldwide phone solutions. The ability to work across the globe has made this company essential to many of our clients.

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