Zach was a brother, father, uncle, son, husband, veteran and paramedic. He died doing what he loved but we all wish it wasn’t so soon or so tragic. Zach, you will be missed. I’m honored to have known you. Rest in peace, brother.

I hope this online picture album will help family and friends collect and enjoy pictures of Zach.

View the Google Photos album by clicking here.

To ADD photos, you can do it one of three ways.

  1. Gmail UsersThe easiest way requires you to have a Gmail account and utilizes Google Photos.  Access the album by clicking here. Anyone can view the album and if you’re logged in there is a button at the top right of the screen that will allow you to upload pictures. Capture | Ally Communications
  2. Microsoft Users (Office365, Hotmail or If you don’t have a Gmail account but already have a Microsoft account, access the OneDrive folder clicking here.  There is an upload button at the top left of the screen that will allow you to add pictures.  I’ll move these over to the Google picture album asap.
    1. Click here to create a free Microsoft account
  3. The last option is the form below.  Anyone can upload up to 50MB of pictures at once. I’m working on expanding that limit, but the easier solution to upload more than a few photos would be to create a free GMail or Microsoft account.

50MB picture upload form

I hope this will help the family remember all the great times with Zach, now and on into the future. You can upload up to 50MB of pictures at once. I'm working on expanding that limit. The confirmation page will give you a link back to this page to upload more pictures.
  • Drop files here or