With Hosted PBX, telephone service is becoming much more than a dial tone. Employees are demanding extensive features such as the ability to transition seamlessly between desk phone and mobile. Traditionally, these features are extremely expensive for an on-premises phone system.  These costly systems require dedicated equipment rooms or closets, endless equipment, overpriced desk phones, and extensive wiring to connect to the local carrier. It is easy to see why organizations are switching to cloud based PBX to eliminate on-site hardware and maintenance.

1 – Initial and Ongoing Cost Saving

Hosted PBX does not require a large up-front capital investment, nor does it require ongoing maintenance and personnel to manage the system.

2 – Keep Your Core Focus

At the end of the day, you should be managing your business, not your phone system. By allowing a provider to oversee a hosted phone solution, you can concentrate on accomplishing your business goals with all the features you need to succeed.

3 – Hosted PBX Flexibility

Work is no longer a place we go, it’s a thing we do. Hosted PBX allows employees to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device they choose. Our mobile app allows users to receive calls as if you’re at the office, make calls as if they’re at the office, check voicemails, and even send and receive faxes.  Stuck on a call and need to leave the office?  Easily flip the call to your mobile app and get going!

4 – Call Reports

Want to know how many calls your receptionists and salespeople are taking, missing and making? You can easily pull call log reports or have them emailed hourly, daily, or weekly.  Would it help to know your average hold time, average handle time, and abandonment rate for your contact center agents?  Just check your real-time reporting tool online.

5 – Hosted PBX Capability

Advanced calling features are essential to meet employee and customer demands. Hosted PBX provides access to voicemail, email, remote call management, auto attendant, directory, music on hold, automatic call distribution or call queues, call recording, online FAX, chat, CRM integration, and voice messaging.  Additionally, updates are delivered automatically by the service provider to make sure your service is always up-to-date.

6 – Scalability

Being able to scale and grow your phone system as your business grows is a huge benefit of using hosted PBX. Unlike, on-premises systems, hosted PBX allow organizations to easily add or remove lines without hassle or additional capital investment. And on top of that, you only pay for what you use. Adding a new office?  Add a phone, not a phone system!

7 – Business Continuity

Nobody likes to think about disasters, but the reality is that a fire, flood, or earthquake can cause significant damage by interrupting your business communications. Hosted PBX ensures that you retain uninterrupted contact with your customers since the crucial hardware is stored in secure and geo-redundant data centers. Even if your office is damaged, calls can be quickly forwarded to other phones through the online portal for continuous service. Redundancy, uptime guarantees, and reliability come with using a hosted PBX.

8 – Voice Quality

Many people still believe that hosted PBX systems have low voice quality, but that has changed with advancements in technology. No reason to worry about clear calls when using a hosted PBX.

9 – Triply Redundant for High Reliability

Have you ever talked to someone who bundled their phone lines with their Internet provider?  Chances are that they’ve had more than a few outages that impacted both their Internet and phone services.  A secondary Internet connection with a dual-WAN router can keep your hosted PBX connected during an Internet outage.  What if that router fails or both providers fail?  So long as your cell phone works, calls can be automatically routed to one or more cell phones, either directly to the cell phone number(s) or the mobile application(s).

10 – Number Retention

Employees are bringing their own devices whether companies want them to or not. Hosted PBX provides the simplicity of combining personal and company lines on one device, so that employees do not have to give out their personal number to use their mobile phone for business calls. Calls can easily be rerouted if that employee where to leave or be terminated.

Make The Switch to Hosted PBX with ALLY Voice!

The switch from an on-premises phone system to a hosted PBX is often a no-brainer. With a lower capital investment and lower costs of ownership, your organization can still enjoy quality voice services as well as an abundance of value-added service that keeps your business competitive in the marketplace. The business environment is constantly changing. You want to make sure your phone system can keep up.