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We were founded in 2012 in Florence, AL by Joel Peeples.   Joel has provided IT and telecommunication solutions to over 2,000 businesses in North Alabama.  After ten years of selling solutions for Comcast, he knew there was an opportunity to provide something more, something unique, something helpful to his community.  Ally’s core mission is in its name.  Our core mission is to become a partner with our clients.  While we do have over 100 vendor partnerships with companies like Microsoft, AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon, we are independent and our only alliance is to our clients.  We don’t sell based on quotas, corporate initiatives, or even profit per solution.  We provide the best solution and the best price, plain and simple.

Ally Communications goes beyond selling phone services, Internet services, and IT services. We work as an extension of our clients’ businesses to help them see the big picture and help them make decisions that strategically support their business goals today and in the future. We aim to save our clients’ money, spare them aggravation, solve their problems, prevent as many problems as we can, and look out for their interests.

We work hard to be the best employer we can to our family of employees.  The median tenure for jobs has been on the decline for quite some time.   If you’re 55-64, your median tenure is 10.4 years per job.  If you’re 45-54, it’s 4.9 years.  If you’re 25-34, your median tenure is just 2.8 years.  We offer careers, not jobs.  We strive to provide a fun and safe work environment with advancement opportunities.  We are very loyal to our employees and we realize that we are the sum of our people. They are very much appreciated.

Friendly, Customer-Centered Service

Make us part of your business, and you can be part of our family!

Our Team Members

The team at Ally Communications is comprised of experts in their specific areas with broad ranging experience and dynamic backgrounds, who intend to work with complete professionalism. This makes us the best choice when it comes to dealing with the most complicated IT challenges for an extensive range of businesses. At Ally Communications we are always focused on delivering our best in class IT solutions for our clients that will provide them with a competitive advantage.


Joel Peeples - Founder and Owner

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Joel Peeples has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications and IT industry. Joel's industry experience started in the cellular industry and he then spent nearly 10 years working as Comcast's Business Account Executive for the Shoals area. Joel was one of the very first commercial development executives who Comcast hired to develop their business division. His managed almost every aspect of business services in North Alabama and reported to the division VP. He was always a top performer nationwide and earned the President’s Club Award with Comcast Business Services in 2009. In time, his role transitioned into that of a sales rep. He knew businesses needed more than just a sales rep who would give them a toll-free number to a call center when they had a problem. Businesses need an unbiased expert advocate who can help them select and implement the best possible Internet and communication solutions. This drove him to found Ally Communications in 2012. Joel is married to Patricia Peeples and has two amazing daughters. Working with Comcast, AT&T, and others have spurred an interest in mixing alcohol with coffee. Ask him for his favorite recipes!

Kristine Robinson - Finance and Systems Manager

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Kristine Robinson has 20+ years of IT experience, 10+ years of programming experience and 3+ years in the telecommunications industry.  She has worked & lived in North Alabama all of her life and lived in Florence since 2005.  Kristine joined Ally Communications in 2016. Kristine hates finances but loves systems, so it's kind of a wash. Kristine teaches a monthly class on how to hide your skills so that you don't get stuck doing things you don't like. It's a great class. Sadly, she doesn't like teaching classes....

Jacob Frye - Support Specialist

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Jacob Frye has over 6 ½ years of IT experience. He is CompTIA CE A+ and N+ certified. He is also a graduate of UNA with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. He worked in New Orleans, LA for four years in a fast-paced onsite IT environment. He moved back to Florence and started his own business in late 2015. Jacob joined Ally Communications in 2017. His code name is Jaco6 (Jaco SIX)

Mitch Wade - Support Supervisor

Mitch brings over more than 10 years of experience in business network management, hardware & software troubleshooting and repair, along with a proven track record of successful problem solving, planning and implementation. Mitch joined Ally Communications in 2018. Mitch was promoted to supervisor in 2019. Mitch wants everyone to know that the lady in the picture is there voluntarily, despite his very firm hold on her. In fact, that beautiful lady is his wife.

Daniel Thompson - Installation Specialist

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Daniel Thompson is a Firefighter at Florence Fire Rescue and works with Ally Communications part-time. Daniel ran his own business for many years before joining Ally Communications since 2015. Daniel likes to be called "Sweet Ryan". Ask him about it.

Adam Green - Support Specialist

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Adam has been in the IT field for over 12 years in a variety of capacities. He enjoys researching and learning new technology information, as well as finding more efficient and innovative approaches to resolve a variety of technical issues. Adam lives with his wife and son in Florence. They lived in the Birmingham area for a few years, but Florence was always their true home. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching football, hiking, playing games with his son, and working on home projects.

Not Adam Green

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This is not Adam Green.

Dan "The Man" Howard - Support Specialist

Dan Howard | Ally Communications

Dan brings 13 years of IT and Telecom support experience through various roles in the IT field - most recently as Telecom Technician/Desktop Support Technician for LifePoint Health at North Alabama Medical Center and Shoals Hospital. He was born and raised in the Florence area, and has lived and worked in the DFW area prior to taking an on-site support position that brought him back to Florence in 2011. Dan joined the team in 2019. Dan grew a beard at age 5.

Andy Frith - Account Executive

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Andy Frith joined our team in 2020. He has been in technology sales for nearly a decade. Andy also brings experience from his brief tenure as a part-time professional wrestling ring announcer.

Andy was born in Florence, AL and has called this area home ever since. He has one daughter, Evie Drew. He is a proud alumnus of the University of North Alabama. Andy is active in the local business community, serving as the chairman of the Florence Lauderdale Public Library Board and of Arts Alive Board.

Sean Sailors - Support Specialist

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Sean joined our team in 2020. Sean has several certifications, including the CompTIA A+, Net+, and Sec+. Sean has a degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. Sean has lived in Florence since 1999 and is originally from California. Sean enjoys spending time with his two kids while trying not to burn up in the Alabama heat. Sean's passion for technology, problem-solving, and customer service makes him a great fit here at Ally.

Whitney Lawson - Office Administrator

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Whitney Lawson joined our team in 2020. She is new to the telecommunications industry, but she brings a diverse background, having worked in construction, customer service, and most recently, the legal field. Whitney will be instrumental in ensuring our rapid growth doesn't negatively impact our fantastic customer support and experience.

She was born and raised in North Alabama, and she is a proud University of North Alabama alumna. She currently resides in Killen with her husband, Kaisle, and their three rotten dogs. Ask her for pet pictures. Better yet, show her your own!