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Ally Communications Team in Florence,AL

What’s it like working at Ally?

We do amazing work and we have fun doing it. For most of us, this is the best team we’ve ever worked with and the best job we’ve ever had.

Maintaining an enjoyable work culture will always be our top priority.

  • Since our start in 2012, we have all 5-star Google reviews and a 99.9% customer happiness rating on support tickets.
  • We use a rigorous and well-known method for recruiting that ensures new hires align with our culture and are a perfect fit for the position. There’s nothing more important than having the right people in the right positions.
  • Everyone is very cooperative and helpful when dealing with each other and clients.
  • We value employee feedback and conduct monthly anonymous surveys, and we are transparent when addressing any issues or concerns.
  • We drive employee growth and success through weekly one-on-one meetings and quarterly reviews.
  • We are rapidly growing and have opportunities for advancement.
  • Pay is competitive, and every employee has always received at least one yearly raise.
  • We provide performance bonuses at least once per year.
  • The company offers four hours of training per month and reimburses expenses for approved tests and certifications.
  • We close Fridays at noon and allow flexible schedules for a better work-life balance.
  • We eat as a team every Friday to celebrate the team’s wins (see our pictures on LinkedIn).
  • We keep the kitchen stocked with everyone’s favorite drinks and snacks.


We’ve recently added several new benefits and increased the amount of paid time off. We are always looking to improve benefits and compensation.

  • Bonuses and merit raises are considered at least once a year
  • We provide unlimited voice and data on our Verizon plan or we can pay a $50/month cell phone allowance
  • Phone equipment can be purchased via 12 months of payroll deduction
  • Polo Shirts, Dress Shirts, and T-Shirts are provided
  • Available after 90-day probational period:
    • Company-Paid Life insurance – $100k with statement of health, guaranteed $50k
    • Company-Paid Short-Term Disability Insurance
    • Company-Paid Long-Term Disability Insurance
    • Employee-Paid group policy rates on critical illness, dental, vision, and more
    • Bereavement Leave – 24 hours/3 days
    • Paid Vacation – 80 hours and then increasing 40 more hours at 3rd, 5th, and 10th anniversaries
    • Personal Days – 48 hours/6 days per year
  • Available after 1 year
    • Company IRA with 3% match

Our Values