Response Times & Emergency Upgrades

Standard Response

  • On average, we answer our phones within 7 seconds.
  • We answer web chats in less than 30 seconds.
  • Tickets for hourly “on-demand” support are worked on a best-effort basis.

After-Hours Response

  • We offer 24/7 remote support for Ally’s Internet and Phone services.
  • All other support outside of our normal business hours is billable.

Guaranteed Response

  • We offer a guaranteed response time for the following services:
    • Managed IT Support – See Chart Below
    • Ally Voice
    • Ally Internet
    • Ally Cellular

Emergency Response

  • An “Emergency Upgrade” is available for $100
    • Remote Support – 15-minute response
    • On-Site Support – 4 business hours

Priority & Guaranteed Response

Priority Guaranteed Response Example
Critical 15 Minutes An entire location is offline or unable to work
High 1 Hour Department is offline or unable to work
Medium 2 Hours A single PC or User is offline or unable to work
Low 4 Hours Degraded service (Slow Internet, WiFi, poor call quality
No SLA None / Best-Effort New User, Software, Hardware or Maintenance

Ally Communications, LLC reserves the right to adjust pricing/rates and terms without advance notice,
as part of its current pricing schedule.