Workstations and Servers


  • EDR – Sentinel One Endpoint Detection & Response

Remote Monitoring & Management

  • RMM – Remote Monitoring & Management
    • Patch & Update Management
      • Operating System – Windows / MAC
      • Third-Party Software – Click here for the full list
      • Windows Home will limit functionality. Upgrading to Pro is strongly recommended
    • Hardware & Network Monitoring
    • Remote Access for Support Staff
    • Monitor key network assets

Advanced Workstation

  • Web Filter
    • Great for laptops and remote workers
    • Protection from unsafe websites
  • Document Backup w/ Unlimited Cloud Storage
    • Great when not using OneDrive
    • Document Discovery – Automatically finds business documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing files wherever they are stored on a local hard drive
    • Unlimited Cloud Storage
    • Backs up twice per day
    • 28-day retention period
    • End-user self-service
    • Protected document types include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files, OpenDocument and other open source file types, OneNote, .PST, PDF, Apple Keynote, Numbers and Pages files, StarOffice, TXT, CSV, several types of database files, Visio, and QuickBooks QBB files. A complete list of supported file types is found here.

Full-System Backup

Included with the Server Package and is available as an add-on for Workstations.

  • Ideal for all servers and workstations running or hosting database files or custom software
  • Bare-metal backup allows the fastest possible restoration
  • 3-2-1 design for backing up locally and to the cloud
  • Backup is encrypted and protected by MFA, multi-factor authentication
  • Monthly Simulated Mock Backup & Disaster Recovery Test ensures you can trust your backups
  • Servers
    • Included
    • 500GB Included
  • Workstation Backup
    • Add-on purchase
    • 100GB Included