NEC SL1100 End-of-Support Announcement

Necsl1100 825x340 | Ally Communications

SL1100 end-of-life and end-of-support dates confirmed

NEC has formally announced the end of life and support dates for its SL1100 to take effect from 31st March 2019. This is a standard cycle after many years of sales as the manufacturer has to concentrate R&D and support resources on new product lines (the NEC SL2100).

The impact of this withdrawal of formal support is as follows:
• No new user licenses for System – so you cannot add more users or expand the system (where a license is necessary after this date).
• There will be no software updates for the applications software like MyCalls or InGuard, for instance, it could become unusable after a more recent software update by Microsoft.
• You will still be able to obtain service support from Ally Communications, LLC.
• We have can still obtain legacy parts and handsets for fault replacements.

What action do I need to take?
• If you are using applications like MyCalls then consider the upgrade path to the SL2100, the cost to upgrade is very competitive and can be mitigated completely by modernizing your lines from analog or POTS(plain old telephone service) to SIP.
• If you are happy with your NEC SL1100 and use no applications and don’t think you will need to expand the system then you need to take no action.

To discuss this further and/or check the implications to your business please contact your Account Manager or the Office.  We can be reached via live web chat, email(, or phone (256-740-3900).