Managed Internet Service delivers exceptional support and high-speed access to every user on every workstation. Over time, the internet has evolved into a necessity. In today’s society, people rely on internet connections for so many reasons. Whether it’s for research, leisure, or project management, the internet is the ultimate resource for anything that you could need.

Nowadays, it’s absolutely crucial for one to have an internet service that performs efficiently, especially in a business setting. It’s a major determinant to the level of success that your office will achieve. It doesn’t matter if you manage a corporation with hundreds of employees or just a small office with a handful of desktops. You’ll need a managed internet solution that delivers high-speed access to every user on every workstation.

The ultimate solution is a managed internet service (MIS). A network’s MIS system delivers exceptional internet care to users from nearly anywhere. Some of it’s best advantages include:

Dedicated Internet Access

When someone sets up an internet account, users will get a dedicated service agent appointed to handle all matters related to one’s internet. Think of this as your designated point of contact. Anytime there is a network issue, just give this person a call and report the matter. They’ll take things from there.

High-Speed Usage

Slow internet speed is one of the most frustrating things to deal with in a company setting. No one should have to wait more than five seconds for a website to load. When your business heavily depends on the internet, there’s no room for something that’s slow-responsive. An MIS system by AT&T will ensure that your internet runs at an efficient rate with each use. If you’re a business owner, look for a solution that runs at a rate of 1.5 Mb per second.

24/7 Network Support

Technical difficulties seem to happen at the most unexpected times. You shouldn’t have to wait for standard working hours to report an issue. If you’re experiencing a network failure or any other problems, then feel free to contact your internet provider at any time. When an emergency takes place, an MIS technician will always be available to speak with you, no matter what.

Fast Installations

Internet installations can be a serious hassle. They are costly projects that will probably take your office assistant hours to complete. A managed internet service can help make this so much easier. MIS providers are professionals that will be able to deliver broadband solutions in limited amounts of time. In turn, this will save your office lots of time, so that your employees can work much more productively.

Consolidated Services

You get so much more than just a fast internet service with an AT&T MIS system. This is an end-to-end management system that is compatible with all major applications including VOIP systems, security software, cloud hosts, and more.

Ally Communications – The Perfect Managed Internet Service Solution

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