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ReachUC, known for bringing the advanced features and tools of a business desk phone to mobile phones and desktops, has released a new version of their Chrome Extension, ReachUC Complete.

ReachUC Complete already gave you the ability to click-to-dial phone numbers on web pages, send SMS messages, send faxes and schedule web meetings. Now, ReachUC Complete Version 3.2.6 is loaded with brand new features to get excited about! These features include:

Auto Answers | Ally Communications

Auto Answer

This feature minimizes click-to-dial steps. Normally, when you click a phone number on a webpage with the ReachUC Complete extension, your connected devices will ring.

By activating Auto Answer, you take out the “ring and pick up the phone” steps. Pre-select one registered device that you want to be automatically answered.

Additional Info | Ally Communications

Condensed Layout Mode

This mode cleans out the clutter. By switching over to Condensed Layout Mode, only visual icons are presented instead of traditional text. And, if you end up preferring the traditional view, you have the option to switch between both modes as many times as you like.

Dialpad | Ally Communications

Call an Extension Number In Dialpad

ReachUC Complete now accepts extension phone numbers in the dialpad.

Settings | Ally Communications

Display Only the Available Options

Before this upgrade, ReachUC Complete may have presented click-to-dial options that weren’t presently available. Now, you only see what you can actually use.

For example, the “Call by WebRTC” option will be hidden when the ReachUC setting “Enable Desktop” is off. Similarly, the “SMS Message” feature will be hidden when the setting “Outbound SMS” is off.

For more information about ReachUC Complete’s features, check out this article. This extension is free to use and available in the Chrome store and Apply App Store—if you’re not already using it,

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