What is included with your White-Glove onboarding process?2023-01-27T09:09:15-06:00

System Design

    • Our team will work with you to set up Ally Voice to leverage its capabilities that best suits your needs
    • We provide an easy-to-understand visual call flow diagram
    • Configuration, Staging, and Testing of all Hardware

On-Site Installation

  • Connect all new phones, headsets, and other hardware
  • Train each user on basic use of the system
  • Online portal setup for all users
  • Follow up – We check in after installation at 1 and 4 weeks to answer questions, make changes, and resolve issues.

Remote Installations

  • The client will connect phones using a self-install guide
  • Our team will
    • Train each user on basic use of the system
    • Online portal setup for all users
    • Follow up – We check in after installation at 1 and 4 weeks to answer questions, make changes, and resolve issues.

Seamless Transition:

    • Work with you to obtain all existing invoices and contracts
    • Review of all existing services and contracts
    • Ensure all unnecessary services are removed and remaining services are provided at the best possible prices
    • Verify provider termination process
    • Provide options that will allow you to avoid early termination penalties
    • Confirm accuracy of all renewal contracts and termination forms
    • Review accuracy of final or updated invoices and provide guidance for you to address inaccuracies
What is included with the Proactive Workstation service?2023-01-27T09:11:24-06:00
  • EDR – Sentinel One Endpoint Detection & Response
  • RMM – Remote Monitoring & Management
    • Patch & Update Management
      • Operating System – Windows / MAC
      • Third-Party Software – Click here for the full list
      • Windows Home will limit functionality. Upgrading to Pro is strongly recommended
    • Hardware & Network Monitoring
    • Remote Access for Support Staff
What is included with Ally’s Site Support service?2023-01-27T09:10:05-06:00

Platforms included – WatchGuard Cloud, EnGenius Cloud, EnGenius EzMaster, Netgear Insight Pro, NoIP (DDNS)

WatchGuard Flex Pay subscription model allows you to choose a firewall that meets your needs today without the risks that come with the traditional appliance and license model.

    • No hardware to purchase
    • No license renewals are required
    • Automatic updates
    • New features are rolled out automatically
    • No wasted investment to upgrade and cancel
    • Your configuration can easily be transferred to a new model
    • All of our Fireboxes are managed by WatchGuard Cloud and include online logs, online backups, automatic updates, email alerts, monitoring, and much more

EnGenius and Ubiquiti WiFi will be managed by a cloud controller hosted on AWS

Netgear switches with be managed by InSight Pro for compatible switches. All Netgear switches have a limited lifetime warranty with next-business-day replacement.

Does ALLY offer residential services or support?2023-01-10T13:59:59-06:00

No, but we’re happy to refer you to a trusted vendor or partner whenever possible.

What are ALLY’s business hours?2023-01-10T13:57:19-06:00

Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 5PM

Friday, 8AM to NOON

Remote support for Ally Internet and Phone services is available 24/7

What are ALLY’s Holidays?2023-01-10T13:56:53-06:00
  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve Day
  • Christmas Day
  • News Year Eve Day
What kind of discounts does ALLY offer for 501(c)(3) organizations?2023-01-10T14:01:51-06:00

501(c)(3) Discounts

  • FREE Phone System Installation (does not include cabling or IT work)
  • 25% hourly IT support discount
  • 50% monthly discount for Ally Voice phone services
  • 50% monthly discount for Managed IT services
  • 10%-50% discount on hardware
Are ALLY’s services HIPAA compliant?2023-01-10T14:03:20-06:00

Every HIPAA certification is different because there are no government guidelines to say what exactly a certification must include. We provide a BAA that covers our hosted PBX and IT services.  We also provide guidance to ensure that you use the phone system in a way that does not violate HIPAA. For example, you cannot use FAX over email unless you have a fully encrypted email solution. HIPAA covered entities also should not keep voicemail to email.

What is covered under ALLY’s Wi-Fi Support package?2023-01-27T09:10:05-06:00

What is included with WiFi Support?

  • Remote technical support from the Ally Helpdesk Team
  • Access Points that are offline will generate a support ticket the following business day
  • Firmware updates – Updates are tested and then rolled out to all devices
  • Client admin access is made available through allywifi.com
  • Advanced monitoring and troubleshooting features are available through the online controller

What’s NOT included:

  • On-Site support
  • After-hours support
  • Troubleshooting beyond basic power and connectivity to the access point is billable work as their IT vendor OR the responsibility of the client and/or their IT vendor.
  • Configuration changes
What does ALLY provide with their ISP Support service?2023-01-27T09:10:50-06:00

ISP Support

When an Internet service outage occurs, our team engages the carrier and your on-site contact to restore service with as little frustration and costly downtime as possible.

What is included?

      • Automated monitoring of your connection every 60 seconds, 24/7/365.
      • A support ticket is created once a service is down for ten minutes.
      • A support ticket can be opened at the client’s request for packet loss above 1%.
      • Statistics are stored for at least 30 days, which helps when we need to prove there is an intermittent
        issue or a repeat issue.
      • Clients may request a custom status page to view monitor statistics and subscribe to email alerts.
      • Our team proactively engages outages during our Business Hours, M-F 8-5.
      • We contact your on-site contact to verify the status of the modem or gateway.
      • We then contact the provider to open a support ticket, and if necessary, schedule a service call
      • We continue to work with the provider’s technical support team, the provider’s on-site technicians, and your on-site contact until the connection is fully operational.

What is not included?

  • After-hours Support
  • On-site support
  • Troubleshooting when the ISP Gateway is reporting to be online*
    • *We will not charge to rectify issues with the ISP for issues with DNS, routing, jitter, or packet loss above 1%, but the time to diagnose and rule out client hardware and networks. We will request permission before performing billable work.
  • Moves, adds, changes, disconnects
    • Our project team will handle these, potentially at no cost if services we are the agent of record on the account.
Response Times & Emergency Upgrades2023-01-10T13:49:54-06:00

Response Times & Emergency Upgrades

Standard Response

  • On average, we answer our phones within 7 seconds.
  • We answer web chats in less than 30 seconds.
  • Tickets for hourly “on-demand” support are worked on a best-effort basis.

After-Hours Response

  • We offer 24/7 remote support for Ally’s Internet and Phone services.
  • All other support outside of our normal business hours is billable.

Guaranteed Response

  • We offer a guaranteed response time for the following services:
    • Managed IT Support – See Chart Below
    • Ally Voice
    • Ally Internet
    • Ally Cellular

Emergency Response

  • An “Emergency Upgrade” is available for $100
    • Remote Support – 15-minute response
    • On-Site Support – 4 business hours

Priority & Guaranteed Response

Priority Guaranteed Response Example
Critical 15 Minutes An entire location is offline or unable to work
High 1 Hour Department is offline or unable to work
Medium 2 Hours A single PC or User is offline or unable to work
Low 4 Hours Degraded service (Slow Internet, WiFi, poor call quality
No SLA None / Best-Effort New User, Software, Hardware or Maintenance


Ally Communications, LLC reserves the right to adjust pricing/rates and terms without advance notice,
as part of its current pricing schedule.

What are ALLY’s rates and minimums?2023-01-10T14:05:06-06:00

Rates, Fee, and Minimums

Labor Rates

  • $120/hour – Standard Rate
  • $160/hour – Advanced Rate
  • $200/hour – vCIO and Consulting
  • $200/hour – After-Hours & Holidays
  • Unlimited support is included for a flat monthly fee with Managed IT Services*
  • $100 Emergency Upgrade – Click here for more info

Labor Discounts

  • 25% labor discount for:
    • Managed IT Clients
    • 501(c)(3) Non-Profits
  • 10% labor discount for:
    • Network and Workstation Support Bundle clients
    • Pre-Paid Credit Packages – $1,000 minimum (no expiration)

Dispatch & Mileage

Local travel is charged a flat fee. We consider Lauderdale and Colbert Counties to be local. Non-Local travel is charged by the mileage from our office to the job site and then back to our office.

  • Local Dispatch Fee
    • Standard – $50
    • After-Hours & Holidays  – $200
  • Non-Local
    • Standard – $1.5/mile
    • After-Hours & Holidays – $3/mile

Billing Minimums

  • Minimum Billing
    • Remote Support: (30) Thirty-minute minimum per support ticket or job
    • Local On-site Service: (1) One-hour minimum
    • Non-Local On-site Service: (2) Two-hour minimum
  • Rounding
    • We round time up to the nearest (15) fifteen minutes

*Some restrictions apply so that we can provide affordable and responsive support – See the managed services agreement for an inclusion list.

What is included with a new User and/or PC setup?2023-01-10T14:03:01-06:00

New User Setup & Training:

  • Deployment
    • Microsoft 365
      • Email
      • Office Apps
      • Teams
      • OneDrive
      • SharePoint
    • Keeper Password Manager
      • Import passwords from tools or browsers
      • Add to Edge Chromium web browser
      • Add to mobile device(s)
    • Email Protection –
      • IronScales reporting
      • Proofpoint portal
    • HelpDesk Button
    • Ally Voice (if applicable)
  • Training
    • Client Manual
    • Keeper Password manager
    • Email security
    • OneDrive
    • How we secure mobile devices
    • How to get help
    • Ally Voice (if applicable)

New Workstation / Onboarding an Existing PC:

  • Software to be installed and updated
    • Sentinel One Endpoint Detection and Response
    • Remote Monitoring and Management
    • Web Filter
    • Unlimited Document Backup
    • Keeper extension for Edge web browser
    • HelpDesk Button
    • IronScales Outlook Plugin
    • Basic productivity software – Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office
    • Custom software as requested
  • On-Site Setup (optional)
    • Connect to monitors, printers, scanners, and peripherals
    • Connect to the network and log the user into Domain
    • As needed, transfer data from the previous PC
Payment & Invoice Questions2023-01-10T14:04:29-06:00

This guide is to help answer some common questions regarding payments, invoices, and discounts.  Click on the question to view the answer or scroll through this and other pages on our website.

What are the available Payment Options?
How do I set up auto-payments?
Why do my invoices look different?
Where’s my discount?
What are my options for Multi-Site billing?
When are late fees applied?

That said we would love to spend one on one time to resolve any issues or questions.
During business hours: You can call our billing department at (256) 740-3979 or chat online at allyadvantage.com.
Anytime: You can open a ticket anytime by emailing helpdesk@allyadvantage.com & we will be in touch as soon as possible during business hours OR you can schedule a 15 min review during business hours  HERE.

What are the available Payment Options?

At Ally Communications, we strive to make your customer experience as pleasant and simple as possible. You can easily pay your invoices through our Ally Communications billing portal at https://allyadvantage.connectboosterportal.com/ or set up auto payments. We also have several convenient payment options available for our customers.

If you choose to pay via ACH, you may:

  • opt to automatically pay all invoices (monthly recurring and non-recurring),
  • automatically pay monthly recurring invoices ONLY, or
  • set an automatic payment amount limit for non-recurring invoices.

If you choose to pay via credit card, you may:

  • opt to automatically pay monthly recurring invoices ONLY

All monthly services include a discount of $10 for e-statements and automatic payments.  Clients that do not set up automatic payments or opt-out of e-statements will be billed a $10 fee.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, only ACH payment allows for automatic payment of all invoices. Payments for non-recurring invoices made via credit card and manual (non-automatic) payment of recurring invoices via credit card will incur a 3% processing fee.

Want to use two different payment methods? No problem! We have the ability to set recurring monthly invoices to automatically draft via credit card and non-recurring invoices to automatically draft via ACH payment. That way, all invoices will be automatically drafted, and you’ll avoid any processing fees or manual payment fees.

We’re always glad to help, so please feel free to call our billing department at (256) 740-3979 for any questions you may have, or you can open a ticket by emailing helpdesk@allyadvantage.com.

How do I set up auto-payments?

We would love to have a 15 minute screen share with Ally to assist in setting up Automatic Payments and reviewing the Billing Portal for the first time, you can schedule that HERE.

If you would prefer to set up auto-payments on your own, you can access Ally’s billing portal HERE.  Instructions for the portal are available HERE, page 8 is about AutoPay.

Why do my invoices look different?

We have two types of invoices, but you can view all and pay for all invoices via our portal at https://allyadvantage.connectboosterportal.com/.

1) MRC – Monthly Recurring Invoices. These invoices will begin with “MRC”. They are for monthly, or annual, services.

  • Invoices are broken out by site/location.
  • Inside each site/location, we subtotal your bill by category.
    • Categories are Voice & Fax Services, Internet Services, and Managed & Proactive Services.
    • Usage totals by telephone number are also included, if you need additional details on Voice statistics you can visit https://pbx.allyadvantage.com/portal/.
    • For Fax or Cellular usage details or questions, please open a ticket by emailing helpdesk@allyadvantage.com.

2) INV – Non-Recurring Invoices

  • These invoices are for purchases & remote or onsite support tickets, and they begin with “INV”. They are billed per site location, but that still ties into your main account to view all billing via a single login.

Where’s my discount?

Our new invoices do not show discounts; it only shows the final pricing. You may refer to your quote on service items to confirm your discount.

Hourly labor discounts are applied the same way – you only see the final pricing, but you can visit https://allyadvantage.com/faq-items/rates/ to view our rates and discounts.

If you have any questions on your pricing or discounts, please call our billing department at (256) 740-3979 or chat online at allyadvantage.com during business hours, you can also open a ticket anytime by emailing helpdesk@allyadvantage.com.

What are my options for Multi-Site billing?

We can set up your multi-site billing to invoicing separately or as a single invoice, your preference. If you want to auto-pay with different payment accounts, we must set up the billing separately. However, the wonderful thing is no matter which way you need the billing set up, you can access all your billing and payments with a single login.

When are late fees applied?

If payment is not received within fourteen (14) days from the due date of the invoice, a late fee will be assessed at 3% of the balance, or the highest rate permitted by law, monthly until the account is brought current.

What is the onboarding process for Managed IT services?2023-01-10T13:56:01-06:00

Managed IT Onboarding Process:

  • Add you to all of our systems
  • Ensure all users are aware of how to get help
    • Send welcome email with client manual to all users
  • Deployment
    • Gather existing IT information
    • Begin documenting the network and assets
    • Gain control of web domain(s)
    • Software package for all workstations and servers
    • Secure existing backups and implement
    • Prepare email security systems
    • Setup / Migrate Email
  • Complete special onboarding projects
  • Schedule kickoff meeting
  • Go live (3-4 weeks)
  • Schedule review of first month
What’s involved with reconfiguring a Managed PC for a New User?2023-01-10T13:56:30-06:00

Reconfiguring a Managed PC for a New User:

  • Join to the local domain and/or Azure AD
  • Sync OneDrive
  • Setup e-mail user in Outlook
  • Add Custom Device Name
  • Place physical Asset Tag on PC/Laptop or ship label to client
  • Apply Latest Windows Updates and Patches
  • Apply Latest Firmware
  • Apply Latest Drivers
  • Remote Bloatware (Candy Crush, Minecraft, etc.)
What is ALLY’s Return and Refund Policy?2023-01-10T14:03:44-06:00

If you have a return or refund request, contact us via live chat, call 1-833-740-3900, or open a support ticket at https://www.allyadvantage.com/ticket.

For full details on our Returns and Refund Policy, see Section 16. RETURNS AND CLAIMS FOR GOODS AND SERVICES in our General Terms & Conditions, available for download at https://allyadvantage.com/downloads/.



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